Topic A: Future energy systems

Micro-grid; Demand side management (DSM); Energy efficiency & management; Energy storage system (grid-scale); Renewable energy technologies; Electrification in end-use sectors; Hydrogen and fuels cells; Virtual power plants (VPP); Electricity market deregulation and power trade and enabling policies; Sustainability of energy systems; Environmental risk from energy systems.


Topic B: Bio-circular economy

Bioenergy & biofuels; Waste utilisation and waste to energy; Community based power plants; Biorefinery and biomaterials: bio-based chemicals and bioplastics, etc.; Hydrogen production; Biochar; Circularity: recycling and reuse of residues and waste; Sustainable production and consumption; Food-water-energy nexus; Techno-socio-economic issues and sustainability of bioeconomy.


Topic C: Smart cities and electric mobility

Smart grid; Smart mobility; Net zero energy building (smart and green buildings); Battery (energy storage); Renewable energy; Smart technologies for energy application (automation, big data, AI, IoT); Data center & data center energy management; Sustainable urban planning and design.


Topic D: Environmental and climate technologies and management

Disaster analysis, monitoring and mitigation, and emergency preparedness; Climate change impacts on hydrology and water resources; Pollution control; Greenhouse gas measurement, estimation and modeling; Methane detection and mitigation; Carbon capture, utlisation and storage; Carbon and water footprint measurement and assessment; Non-biomass related sustainability assessment; Environmental and health risks from climate change; Air quality and climate change.


Topic E: Energy and climate policy

Energy transition; Scenario analysis and modeling of energy and carbon emissions; Carbon markets/emission trading; Economics of climate change; Energy and Climate policy.

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